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Achievement of food security of the country.

Main task

More efficient use of reclamation objects of federal property and increase the guaranteed production of agricultural products on reclaimed lands.

Main activities

Development of the state policy and legal regulation in the sphere of land reclamations

Preparation of drafts of federal laws and technical regulations.

Development and realization of:

  • federal targeted departmental programs;
  • proposals for the implementation of state support of agricultural producers;
  • proposals for the development and implementation of the achievements in the field of scientific and technical progress in the land reclamation sphere;
  • development of national standards, technical requirements and standard — technical documentation.

Federal property management

The accounting of reclaimed lands, carrying out certification of hydromeliorative systems and constructions of federal property.

Questions of financing of federal state institution, federal target programs, personnel issues.

Preparation and approval of preproject and project documentation for the construction and reconstruction of reclamation systems. Implementation of Public Procurement functions. Preparation of tender documentation for the auctions, government contracts.

Maintenance of registers of federal property. Coordination of activity of subordinated federal state institutions.

The state services in land reclamation sphere, ensuring operation of objects of federal property

Operation of state reclamation systems and separately located hydraulic engineering constructions. Preparation of reclamation systems to the admission of high waters and performance of antiflood actions, carrying out recharge and vegetation irrigation of crops.

Providing training reclamation systems to pass flood and implementation of flood events, conducting.

Organizes and controls of works on routine maintenance and overhaul repairs of hydraulic engineering constructions, the pump stations, an open network, pipelines and dams embankment.

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